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“Perhaps the loudest voice within Ugly Music is one that continually resists erasure and repeats emphatically: I am here. I am still here. I am alive.”


TArpaulin Sky Press, What I’m reading now…by oliver Baez bendorf

“In Ugly Music [by Diannely Antigua], the body desires, betrays, and makes everything possible, even pleasurable, despite the mind…These poems are irreverent, lucid, and intimate while staying in motion.”


JasMinne MenDez on 10 Afro-Latinx/Black Latinx Books & Poems you need right now

When I interviewed her for the Plátano Poetry Cafe series, Diannely described her work in the following way:

“My writing style is like a mother possum with babies on her back caught in headlights while trying to cross the road late at night. At first the sight is rather frightening--a cluster of beady eyes staring back at you, long rat-like tails following behind. But it then grows hauntingly beautiful when you realize even the weirdest of things exist on this earth and deserve to live. My poetry is like that, born out of strangeness with an instinct to survive.”



Do you need protection
or a father? When you stick your fingers
in the darkest hole, you feel almost feminine.
You tell the unborn to stay put.

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LIttle Infinite, Body POetics: 11 Poets on the Body—DIANNELY ANTIGUA’S DIARY ENTRY #16: ABOUT USING MY BODY”

Repeat after me: I am the ocean. I am a liver. I am
the bracelet on my wrist.

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LIttle Infinite, 9 online Poetry Journals to read on a rainy Weekend Morning—Poetry by Diannely Antigua

If you’re into poetry, feminism, magic, and identity, the poetry journal I founded, Luna Luna, is your go-to. We are committed to diverse voices, diverse styles, and presenting poetry in a beautifully, aesthetically pleasing space. You’ll find all the new poetry right here.

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STAY THIRSTY MAGAZINE, POets of Song and Silence, FALL 2017

“Diannely Antigua is a poet of experience, of the tangible world. She is the poet on Myrtle Avenue observing a man stealing strawberries from the fruit stand. She is a poet of things that ring with the past, surrounded by memories of This Old House and The Brady Bunch alongside those of molestation and pain.”